Drum Corps Ask.

  • The Academy: Which corps has the best looking uniform?
  • Blue Devils: Which corps do you dislike? Why?
  • Blue Knights: What is your all time favorite show?
  • Blue Stars: How do you feel about props being used in shows?
  • Bluecoats: Which corps has the best drumline?
  • Boston Crusaders: Where does there need to be more corps?
  • The Cadets: What was your first time watching a corps like?
  • Carolina Crown: Which corps has the best brass sound?
  • Cascades: What would you do to help promote more people to be involved in drum corps activities?
  • The Cavaliers: Would you join an all-female corps if there was one? / What do you feel about all-male corps?
  • Colts: What is your favorite part about watching corps perform?
  • Crossmen: Which instrument is your favorite in drum corps? Why?
  • Glassmen: If you could bring back one corps that's folded, which one would it be?
  • Jersey Surf: If you were to create a concept for a corps show, what would it be based on?
  • Madison Scouts: What kind of person do you think you would be like/are like in corps?
  • Mandarins: Whose show do you want to see the most live?
  • Oregon Crusaders: Who has the best front ensemble?
  • Pacific Crest: List your top 12 pick this year.
  • Phantom Regiment: Where would you audition if money and location was not an issue?
  • Pioneer: What do your parents think about drum corps?
  • Santa Clara Vanguard: Will you have your children march corps? If so, which instrument and corps.
  • Spirit of Atlanta: If you were to start your own corps, what would be the name?
  • Troopers: Two corps that you want to see have a drumline battle.


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