bandaboveall asked:

You get to go to your first DCI show!!! Awesome! I went for my first this year too and it was a blast (literally and metaphorically). You're going to have so much fun! Be sure to get there early though to get to your seat and beat some of the crowd. You can also never have too many DCI tees either. Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic time and it is even better than what you're expecting because it's a great season! P. S. While I have the chance, I definitely have to say that I love your blog!

uWu!!! Thank you! Thanks! I will definitely try to bring enough money to feed my band merch hunger. I can’t wait! 

I’m going to be @ the Atlanta Southeastern Championships, so I was a bit concerned about the rules they have at the Georgia Dome about what the allow in and what they don’t allow in. 

THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL BAND BABE! I hope you had a blast at the DCI show!